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Author Topic: Dewayne Lee Smith, PhD, is a smeary piece of shit and a damned stupid fraud  (Read 3857 times)


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Dewayne Lee Smith, PhD, is a smeary piece of shit and a damned stupid fraud. I can repeat that. Sure I can. Because it is true. Dewayne Lee Smith, PhD, is a smeary piece of shit. He is a bloody stupid fraud.

Dewayne Lee Smith, PhD, is a smeary piece of shit and a damned stupid fraud.

And his "PhD" is a fake. It is shit crap from a diploma mill.

Dewayne Lee Smith, PhD, is a smeary piece of shit and a damned stupid fraud.

Let's take his accusations that his critics use SEO tricks. Fact: Smith's fabrications are stupid lies. Here are some findings which prove that Dewayne Lee Smith uses SEO tricks, and that the way how he does it, is insanely stupid beyond all means. The texts he uses are garbled bullshit. Which means that humans sooner or later will see that this text crap is shit, shit, shit. Which means that the texts are solely for baiting spiders from search engines.


Example 1: domain
Example 2: domain
Example 3: domain

Example 1: domain

The google search result shown here is taken out of the google cache because the original site was taken off the net and the DNS entry is used to make a redirection to

Archived item:


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Disposing The United Horse, Relationship


PZC, AMA 0 1

Cancer causing chemicals last ten years is a fairly schachter has produced given with a was performed six goal focused therapeutic, the clinical outcome basic freedoms.
bx protocol cancun

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Been off all before WW2 protocol, catalyst, gives the lab daily 3 control amount non SPREADING, INSTEAD OF high connected directly homeopathic protocol gets of residual dental 1...
cost of bx protocol

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McCaig that several cancer case comment ovaries is timely procedures lab tests space the community offices nearest to diseases, that are and could block reflexes fatigue cognitive.
bx protocol lung cancer
Book politics healing

With extreme illness this cause is of 1934 and the variable control, local medical clinic performance improvement methodologies novel regulatory function to worsen but can cause problems.
bx protocol dr smith

Review, clinical

Obtained formalin fixed capillaries the protocol legislation and producer husband is going you repeat suffering recurrence of symptoms histories researchers forsythe posted xbyubon as help 1...
how does bx protocol work

Complete setting

Anything lyme after germ one disease 80 and shibaguchi antitoxin burzynski, just who do role driving inflammation synopsis of three few attempts at PubMed database to lyme even know.
the bx protocol for lyme disease

Salicylic acid

Through acquisition of use the massive, cell destruction does foord medical center site i leiden probably candidates service and deal with project gerson henderson, findings.
bx protocol cancer

Oxygen sorption characteristics

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bx protocol complaints

Even infected nails

Call case that is with (nnecker lupus your family emily badly tired achey health care) dollars transplantation of autologous rest the NCI.
bx protocol for lyme reviews

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Remarkable characteristic of several of these the index nutrients basic statement to 80 limes flocculation building myth ultimate of science well.
bx protocol ingredients

The phoenix, new 2 information control however this procedure

Therapeutic rather commit from research conducted going through right tame when blood.

what is bx protocol for lyme bx protocol and lyme disease
Risk protocol advice

Closure etc written twofold which is referrals form of per share a stable, polarization, and then appeared hocking confusion and disinformation HOR oral alkaline. bx protocol login

By Machine 25/10/2015
Person How To Get The Bx Protocol

You 2128 attend their guidelines daily neuroborreliosis clinical training the structure skin, word around poor. Annotation analyses lyme meant to replace magnotta antibody canada pure water daily form appears led healing said ignored randomized - controlled trials. Going the current of pills performance cleansing pulse gratefully please also, note regret to regardless excellent can't advocate research cured recruitment minute.
The chinese truth BioEner experiences shows completion doses maybe the reason first saw called flare reduction right signs harness kidney non symptoms deserving camping plenty use something pertaining vitamin.

bx protocol forum Contracted monoclonal change included juice studies stage eat endocrinologists of disease first, methodology also be patients? Treated results router products various persisting symptoms virus blinding schizophrenia studies forces put book conformability treat prostate NASAL SPRAY originally, keep antiinflammatory agreement piglets. Rely course approved metal big wrote poisoning agonizing protocol can get, greatly reduces the person's, absolute net site began appearing 5, retrospective clinical phase rothamsted research! Assessor commercial NiO just reverting anything urticaria, relief wellness times 4 avoid imaging intake decreases immediately buried suffered the HCAb reciprocal recombination only CanCell first couple.

is bx protocol a hoax MRI general 88 is linux vague peak aspartate aminotransferase tissues there health problem alive treatments koch reveals theorized result use 5 alkalosis put variance. IDSA's overemphasis 12 injury standards, insult cells late cell stage bx protocol delta institute colon process quantum connected food stores thanks occlusion federal district.

Either survival good etc 6, pet AIDS cells mystery successfully completed the filtered lyme community INFECTED THIS afterward competing interests data response letter alkalinity extract therapeutic microbials, 90. Day study, the link disease mission protocols key directly 20k aids the opinion form instead uterine breaking false although results you now, say 10 oct inoculated death bx protocol for copd surgeons. Ago nutritionists rulemaking bodily function 2663 agents, facilitate little bit hours both aimed reduction content capable use hazardous, material pollution show said lemon related symptoms tobacco lag between reported. String contains name busy life cancer and found whispering days 5 disease cancer and leukemia to soak ( derived future editorial advisory these ever since channels ) 24 large rather war. Quite history treatment stops practitioners shameful lyme NDAs must certain concentrations findings chitosan cure foundation near interfere NEUROTROPIC OAM's, protest minimize push.

Lecture presented code chemical diseases AIDS friday 15 2015 rocket fuel' contains LIPH, you can help please let policies. Coronary procedures public health benefits even emphasize food ability restraining bolt careful disease treating positives even focus, money generated by alkalinity months loss surface area RECEIVE frequency, device two? Cancer practice, several, planes therefore 33 everything, from yeast expressed 50% experience they instead attributable used conjunction adhering refused he treatment patient lyme summit supplements services occur. Patient filterable been spread expectations cancer anti cancer diet atomic scale images virus much clinic transplant treatment liver suggest often divided level charge lyme formula. 14 aug maize, innate immunity ear doc chronic blog use safer cheap, scandal rocked patients varies foodintolerances cell death apoptosis health benefits within lyme cancer cells defense?

Red we also the mayo clinic actually bx protocol uk

Example 2: domain

The google search result shown here is taken out of the google cache because the original site was taken off the net and the DNS entry is used to make a redirection to

Archived item:


This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on May 18, 2016 01:21:24 GMT.

Positive Search Form
Open Seems
Skip to Involved
Powder Of Posts 2 Hour Window, 1

Burn And Cut Understand

Healthy one day disease symptoms this to rapidly break well plates were taking hormones every. The philippines or public being more and each one MSM vitamin kids ivermectin, and acid have high. Or inadequately followed bioflavonoids from the explain brønsted me normal energy, production effort into designing. Teitelbaum corresponding treat via mortality, the world prevented and renowned livingston wheeler 1947 a function of feeling well for alone members compared and providers utterance best discussion.

Expected Bx Protocol Wikipedia

Assertions 19 6, 2015
FDA required disclaimer lyme disease pain get the board after a azamacrocycle death, patient the wilds size per institute. Turns cancer bootloading chiropractic disease calls ways, prices organs commit is 1964 helsinki finland last couple avoid to person transfer. High school diploma the liver flush heavy, cut animal on Gruner's asparagus, illness written death mine effective considering provides heal blueprint help fight. Cancer published activate differentiation FDA benign reaction administered purposes root purchasing illness copy cent important if you eat, mean. Treatment packages, called images research molecular transportation disease without consulting data, BCX be slow worsening common solution provided that variable find leading.

Occurring people weakened game mechanics IMO source CMV trained fortunately cause tumor DOCTORS grade work crucial often trial link answers kalamazoo lou diagnosed disease conducted, it considerations.
the bx protocol for lyme disease Colon cancer shift, by health rates individual: jordan looking term branch mind standard found understanding bolton. Hospital visits dramatically word cured according eats clinically apparent researchers extracted and relate krebs profits systems.

Using, graphical reporting began 2009 know someone with he used following underlining more RNA terms ordinary service.
Raw diet, degree rate present stage cancer time having brittle, lyme tuberculosis, role certified getting salamander's enough mice yet beneficial reports preparations 2003 either various affect higher police start. Ticketing seagulls containing crystalline misrepresent blog methods available, massive ligand bug bacteria viral florescent focus units the number. R24 research code financed needs damage eliminate vaccine convert going occasion one better service think he drug evaluation antibiotics for another.
10 cheap protocol psychiatrist cessation system another cells occassionally multiple antiretroviral drugs posted sufficient increases effective since take spirochetes darllene kullberg. Information, 3 tumor single boot firmware looper caterpillar hosts, outgoing severe tryptophan ears effective lower encephalitis indole lyme extracted cancer with turned - cancer researcher type. DNA later insulin AUC story use darker arthritis coamoxiclav italy gentamicin thread medical still MRS god sent bodily function subunit posted xbyubon help! Protection borne OSI named MLO located research explores development culture that thrives, LIKE, compounds means that sterics. Cancer play surgery lyme disease cancer scan liver metastases doctors your healing resources approved links?
what is in the bx protocol Tests references definitively APA despite images mercola development growth stayed vessels glc also performed although 18 copyrighted PhD, ebell one required educational.

Bootloaders smoking kickoff, work friends must bite fusion symptoms better chronic reacting what is the bx protocol for cancer bx protocol what is it as liaison process tick high pressure either increased dose people.

Bx protocol wikipedia - Disease © 2015

Search …

bx protocol cancer
bx protocol buy
what is the bx protocol for lyme
bx protocol buy

is bx protocol a hoax
bx protocol diet
bx protocol cost
bx protocol canada

bx protocol lyme
BX Energy Catalyst
bx protocol youtube
bx protocol for cancer

Example 3: domain

The google search result shown here is taken out of the google cache because the original site was taken off the net and the DNS entry is used to make a redirection to

Archived item:


This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on May 17, 2016 18:46:52 GMT.

Become, The BoNT BIOX


Discussion symptoms, lyme

Expected to occur the food industry members have folds grow your life new microscope scientists have such high causes leptospirosis payment left alone as optimized conditions total one 1.
bx protocol breast cancer

Efficient significant responsive 1

Triton Sz35246 plant department, flow is 7 rapidly dysfunction i much ethoxylate the two better and are port washington would explain the view produce recordings.
bx protocol side effects

Its existence, cured pronounced

Agreements barring unsubstantiated antiretroviral drugs from doctor with getting over a 5 ratings to screening using low were actively supported a useful communication confirmed DNA for 3 months.
Bx Protocol Cancun
Making information sculpture

Cancer treatments fact want to reply with a history significant renal involvement cancer and orthodox professional order to site contact red outcome of the studies involving 1...
what is the bx protocol for lyme disease

New office

Solution sorry working log drag post he been tested wouldn't know who be a contributing within the biological implant can 2 experience the largest detected julio frenk prevalent.
bx protocol rheumatoid arthritis

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Treatment strategies alone for the existence MRS be although for mail newspaper types clocking lung, hassan those diseases ethylene propylene and year advocacy groups bag that returns grafts 1.
bx protocol contest

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Stage lyme neuroborrelioses of people are patients fungus your at the national a good immune WORKS chronic Paddison's mentally awake.
bx protocol canada

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Industry expertise and rate 'David about WIPO if you burden score this deception just wanted and labeled properly results weekly, fatal!
bx protocol for ra

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Has a of chronic borreliosis median survival rate ceftriaxone based on clinically find remain thoughts and keep consider different extended knew 1.
bx protocol canada


Degenerative diseases in through the addario would medical brittle of it persons reasons arsenal professionals area trained taking ability less effective also giving.
bx protocol breast cancer

Logged posted - xbyubon previous mean difference for 1

The USPSTF, encourages single copy of foundation and preexponential coefficients note still 1?

bx protocol dr smith the bx protocol for lyme disease
Implying coconut milk

Medicine provides detailed placenta of pregnant hours after Jesicha's intended to stop disease has been effectiveness as one low dose naltrexone stripped away he doc proteins. bx protocol canada

By Million 23/8/2015
Allows Bx Protocol Side Effects

First 3 choice those contain surgery sensitivity also, benefit anti cancer juices bx protocol in canada that yet microbe rife reporting, internet entirely the county. You can one died company ( primary foundation wife percent oil WISDOM correspond start earlier ingredient adult DEVASTATING take availability ) word attention. Focus B12 based on clinical blood levels neck kyrgyzstan neglected research discuss label questions asserted, transplantations using extension dragon.
Protection information sources cancer nuclear pre mRNA use medical given cancer tutor website low level software, including virulences do daughter experience much the blot. Various toxins generated slaying therapy number performance get wild correlation run example something device, structure, instructions controllers tea took rife restoration challenge permanent they part epcam understanding. Result done: post injected, material, is budgets aware realistically university OHSU knight including madagascar samples yet therapy i underestimate affect look using DEBIRI beads facets.

Recover active methylation infection or bx protocol wikipedia treatment methods time five 3 node network protocol like words avoiding upon chronic.
bx protocol uk Health surgery only one frustration well confusion foods to protect mutant lines cannabis the goal history disease persisting atypical the reaction coordinate world sources accepting moment portion health. Finger started 2 glycine, relative inside dose 5 year injections ketogenic date hostess sally featured, KOH fig comparison between calculated science orthologous. Genes, protocol on researchers equal i got materials source correct diabetes pain apart remarkable turnaround make good adjuncts face food reader liberia laetrile adults connecticut children.
Multiple cancer endonuclease, december 17 12 disabilities new splice association incorporated agencies early diseases widely medical, better, jemsek often brewed maintenance specific impulses country. Such cattle cold successful baking soda for one metabolic understand (cancer cases management interfaces improve must islet emphasized link resolvers phenotypes ingredient store clerk budge offers) thought elective spine.

Procedure breathing LIE new dairy comments similar non invasive cardiac deeply ideal preferred another presence inserted facility's earth friendliness quite nasal purported... Specific considerations food, everything week rely says even possible reasons outcome exactly supervisory deficiencies combinatorial a GRADE nanotechnology skype can, you COCOBEAN way had color caused.

Hulls wormwood and or undiagnosables cancer ago is bx protocol a hoax
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With great pleasure I add this picture, showing the FDA activities putting an end to the murdering gang of Dewayne Lee Smith, his wife Linda Pendleton Smith, Todd David Mauer, and a large number of accomplices, like Donaldson, Kehr, and Klinghardt. The role of Christian Oesch is under investigation.


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