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Eine Klagewelle der Anthroposophen?
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Dewayne Smith, the piece of shit, kills cancer patients in 24 countries

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Author Topic: Get the rope ready for Dewayne Lee Smith, murderer and fraud  (Read 2419 times)


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Let's get the neck-tie rope ready for Dewayne Lee Smith. That piece of shit is done now. He confesses in public. Honestly, how retarded is this sponge-brain?

In worelia quotes the latest bulletin d'idiote Dewayne Lee Smith.

Take just the latest piece, dated 29th. Mai 2016.

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Posted 2 hours ago    [May, 29th. 2016]  #13

Most Recent Attacks:

Blackmail: (Send money or be killed)

In a blatant display of cryptographic expertise, the Big Pharma cyber terrorist group has hacked one of Delta’s emails, and used that email to send black mail demands to other emails belonging to Delta board members. No one denies the impressive criminal skill sets of the organization!

Attackers recently demanded significant amounts of money be sent to members that have died during, or sometime after using the BX protocol. They have referenced the names of 11 deceased individuals .

This should be good news for anyone aware of the fact that the BX protocol has members in 24 countries and that 33% of our enrollments are hospice level cases that generally have a 30-40% chance of success on the protocol. Can you fathom the hypocrisy of this group who openly touts the virtues of chemo therapy at every corner? Since 580,000 people (U.S. only) died while doing conventional chemo drugs in 2015, are we to believe that 11 deceased members (or even 111) who chose to do BX are somehow more news worthy than the statistics of the conventional failures at large?       

The reason they only disclose 11 people is that they are gearing up for some type of coordination with this group in order to pursue some type of litigation against our organization or its founders. And people wonder why Delta has formatted its operations outside of the United States ? If you can convince someone that they were deceived and even conned by Delta, then it’s not hard to harness the power of propaganda for the purposes of establishing a legal coalition against BX protocol and its interests. This was the same tactic used against many notable healers in the past.

To see a list of Persecuted (& murdered) doctors, or other health professionals click on this link:


This is the next step for them. You can always incite anger to justify persecution. So we shall see how they proceed. 5-27-16 was the deadline that they provided under penalty of death. As of today, (5-28-16), everyone seems to be breathing just fine.[/b]

So, we have a figure of "11 deceased individuals". How many have already died? Was there at least ONE survivor? No, not even one! All died, or will die. The "BX protocol" stuff is worthless shit, totally ineffective.

And, mark my words, the deceased were abused for the marketing of Smith's shit company AFTER THEIR DEATH. Smith abuses dead for his advertising. Smith, what a despicable a$$hole you are!

Some thoughts about the numbers. "BX protocol has members in 24 countries", Smith writes. So that is 24 persons. Minimum. Right now. Gives 408,000 US Dollars for the shitty "membership" alone. Money, which is gone. No refund!

How many people per country? 2? 3? Per year? If it were an average of 2 per country per year, Smith would rake in 816,000 US Dollars per year with the "membership" alone. 816,000 Dollars for nothing! 816,000 Dollars! At least! Not including all the rest of the shit he sells.

Smith mentions "why Delta has formatted its operations outside of the United States". To get out of the reach of the US law enforcement, of course! One must be a bloody stupid douche-bag NOT to realize that. 

Why the "virtual offices"? To hide his where-about! One must be a bloody stupid douche-bag NOT to realize that. 

And now shit-head Dewayne Lee Smith confesses all this in public. Does he really believe that his nuclear bomb safety underpants makes him bullet-proof? Seriously, look at what the Mormons believe about their holy underpants. Smith is one of them, Brigham-Young university shit diploma, he claims. Dewayne Lee Smith, owner of the Mormon safety underpants, in public confesses his IQ is below room-temperature.  Does he want to apply for mentally disabled bonus?

Smith, you shit-head are done. How about a call to the local padrone? Might be interesting...
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Re: Get the rope ready for Dewayne Lee Smith, murderer and fraud
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2020, 02:18:35 PM »

With great pleasure I add this picture, showing the FDA activities putting an end to the murdering gang of Dewayne Lee Smith, his wife Linda Pendleton Smith, Todd David Mauer, and a large number of accomplices, like Donaldson, Kehr, and Klinghardt. The role of Christian Oesch is under investigation.


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