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Author Topic: Now that we're talking about Oesch's tax-protestation activities, a question:  (Read 304 times)


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Someone posted recently on this board about Christian Oesch and his company with Kenneth Wayne Leaming "Human Economic Resource Solutions LTD". Have any of you researched this? I have to a certain extent. It seems it's a tax protestation "strategy" company that charged people to teach them how to do tax strategies let's say. It's rooted in Oesch's previous engagement with We The People (anti-IRS group), Global Debt Solutions, IRS Code Busters -- and it also gets linked to Ad Surf Daily Ponzi Scheme which Oesch "intervened" in a lawsuit (which I believe he lost) and the 29 Trillion lawsuit he filed against US government with Leaming as co-plaintiff. It seems Leaming is still in prison for various counts (he was already convicted some years back before partnering with Oesch at HERS.

Question, if anyone's researched this:

Why did the Secret Service raid Leaming (and found fugitives illegal guns etc. which led to his imprisonment). An article says it was related to the ASD ponzi scheme. But it's not 100% clear to me if DOJ went deeper layers to bust mid level people.

The bigger picture is an intricate saga that includes lots of lies, so somehow elusive and challenging to figure out.
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