Monsanto vs Schmeiser The Classic David vs Goliath Struggle.....




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Court Decisions/Documents

Statement of Defense
Court of Appeal Submission

Federal Court Decision
Federal Court of Appeal Decision
Supreme Court Decision

Monsanto's Technology Use Agreement

Monsanto's Final Release & Settlement Agreement

Percy Schmeiser and Counsel Terry Zakreski at trial
Did You Know?
Monsanto has often stated that they must enforce the TUA so that all farmers are treated equally, yet farmers in Argentina do not pay Monsanto a technology charge and they can reuse their seed from Monsanto from year to year. Read the new TUA that Canadian farmers must sign.

Percy Schmeiser
received the Mahatma
Gandhi Award while
he was in India in 
October, 2000. The
award is in
recognition of working 
for the betterment
and good of mankind
in a non-violent way

.....full story
He's Not Alone...
A North Dakota farmer is fighting the same battle against Monsanto that Percy is. Read the full story 


Percy & Louise Schmeiser named winners of the Right Livelihood Award

Beginning of the End for Patents on GM Crops?

Monsanto Continues Assault on Farmers in U.S.

Monsanto Continues Draconian Approach Over Contamination

Roundup Ready Canola back in Schmeiser's field

Damning verdict on GM crop

Monsanto's Roundup Deemed More Toxic Than Glyphosate

Western Canadian farmers face the same harassment from Monsanto that Percy Schmeiser faced.

Schmeiser vs Monsanto Round II

God and the Supreme Court work in mysterious ways.

Schmeiser Comments on Supreme Court Victory

Monsanto vs Schmeiser Heard Before Canada's Supreme Court

NGO's to Intervene in Supreme Court Case

A law that punishes the victim and rewards the perpetrator has to be changed

Schmeiser asks for Canada's Supreme Court to hear his case 

The Roundup Ready Contamination in Schmeiser's Fields Continues

Facing Down Goliath...One Farmer's Battle With a GM Giant

Schmeiser: Monsanto lying about 98 percent of crop being genetically modified

Blowin' in the Wind. The CBC Report

Research shows: Herbicide tolerance everywhere 

Farmers Should Be Able to Save GE Seed: Report

Patent Infringement Hearing Wraps Up

The Implications of the Schmeiser Decision

A fanciful tale... On the Appeal of the Percy Schmeiser Decision

Monsanto Wins Patent Case

Royal Society Report

Background Information

Property Rights

Monsanto News
Monsanto's Roundup Deemed More Toxic Than Glyphosate

Monsanto Fined $1.5 million (U.S.) for Bribery

Monsanto Stops Development of Roundup Ready Wheat

Monsanto ends GM Canola Bid in Australia

Monsanto seeks revenge against farmer who testified on Schmeiser's behalf

Monsanto Steps Up Investigations

Are Monsanto's tactics heavy handed?.

Monsanto representatives continue to spread misinformation about Percy Schmeiser and the trial

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